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This post is taken directly from you would like to view the original thread,it lies here:…

This is a discussion based on episode 15 of Sword Art Online season 2.Apologies for grammar,as i am an idiot.Please enjoy.


..Oh SAO 2..Guess what? You're are doing it again!!! What are you doing? I'll tell you.You're taking such a good and interesting concept,and ruining it by trying to drag on a new plot,which..Feels so forced,and odd.This new beginning in the second season,feels so boring,and so unnecessary,that it gives me flashbacks of watching Dragon Ball GT!

I am indeed a fan of the original Sword Art Online.Up until episode 14 of course.Even though it has many..Many plot holes,and nitpicks.Some of these include.

And Also..

*I don't need to explain my reasoning for doing this to millions of people,i just need to create some vague metaphor about a tower.This will make me seem interesting,and sad.*

Reki Kawahara's biggest flaw in writing,is this: He does not know when to end a story.(Much Like Masashi Kishimoto.)

He makes the first half of a story VERY good,with a few hiccups here and there,but ultimately,it feels complete.And seems like it will end...THEN! Instead of letting sleeping dogs lie! WE SHAKE THE CRAP OUT OF THAT MOTHER FUCKER AND DEMAND IT TO WAKE UP,AND MAKE ANOTHER PLOT! 

Even most of the hardcore fans i have spoken to,tell me they would have loved it if the original series ended at episode 14.With an OVA showing how Asuna And Kirito Progress as a couple(By the way,on a lighter note.Would anyone like to see a series about them living as a couple? SO KAWAII).The only plot hole you would have if you went that route is this: Kirito would have never gained the World Seed.

But that's enough about the original series,lets get to the second one.What makes this season dissapoint me? Simple.Its making the same mistake as its original series.Its making a wonderful first half (Which i would argue,is actually better than the first).And then decides to screw it up,by adding another plot that is extremely rushed.

GRarkada said it best: "The first 14 episodes of SAO seem like a prequel to the actual plot.Which is very sad.And almost makes the first 14 episodes feel like..Nothing."

Gun Gale Online is interesting.Sinon,is the best female character in the show.She is actually a very well written character.She doesn't feel like some babe that needs rescuing,she feels like a character that can actually defend herself.I would go as far to say that she is one of the few strong female characters in Anime. (Though..She would have to be close to the bottom of that list.) The Death Gun plot,while sounding very generic,is actually intriguing.Seeing Kirito solve the problems,and come up with an answer,is awesome.He is not just a Mary Sue any more,he actually feels vunerable.Like something can take him down.For any one who knows comics,this is the equivalent of Grant Morrison's run on All Star Superman.He does not feel like a character that can easily overcome any objective.He feels like he can be beaten.
We are close to the ending here,so i will just give you my reactions to episode 15.

2 Minutes: ALRIGHT! NEW OPENING-...Wait,why are we back in the fairy world? PLEASE,DON'T MAKE ME GO BACK TO THE FAIRY WORLD!

4 Minutes in: *Spits Root Beer out* HOLD THE PHONE SUGUHA! You're telling me that Kirito is clearing floors in the new aincrad? THERE IS A NEW AINCRARD! SKJHJAHAJHFJAH LETS GO THERE! HURRY!

7 Minutes in: Hmm..This is odd.Where else can they go with this? Sinons plot is finished,and Death Gun appears to be gone forever.i Wonder what they are trying to do?

10 Minutes: Alright..Uh..Is this is a filler episode,if it is,i might as well watch it to through the end.This could lead to something important for the show.

15 Minutes: Wait,who is this fairy..God,thingy? Why is she telling us a back story? Are they..No,that's impossible.They couldn't possibly make the same mistake twice.

18 Minutes:..You Dumb Mother-


Now to end this,i would like to ask you-The reader,a question.How do you feel with the direction SAO Season 2 is taking.Good,bad? Also,how do you feel the second season compares to the first. Just tell me below.Now if you'll excuse me,i have some forums to rage on.

Why hello there Azu-nyan-I mean Sinon!


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Korey Henson
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United States
Hello there.My name is Korey Henson,allow me to tell you a bit about myself.

Fan of card games.Moba's.Rpgs.And mostly anime and manga.I mostly try to make art of hearthstone cards.I can't really draw,So it's all i can do.I also DID make reviews of Pokemon *Weird,I know* On finally.I suck at grammar...Sowwy.

I would also not consider myself a "True Artist" As i have no way of making content on my own.

I also take art request (For cards) For free.Just give me a request,and i will get it done asap.

All in all that is basically it.Do me a favor and watch to my page,would ya.

And if you don't..I will send jinx after you.Right Jinx?


That's my girl.


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